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In summary, Public Liability Insurance (also abbreviated to "PLI") provides cover for damage or injury that you cause to person or property in the course of running your business. Mall Managers and all of our Centres require this Insurance without exception.

Of course, many exclusions, variations and costs apply - depending on your activities. It is not our role to provide you with Insurance advice. We highly recommend that you contact an Insurance Broker that is experienced in Casual Mall Leasing to provide the right cover for you.

Our recommended Insurance Broker is:

Westralian Insurance Brokers
Contact: Kerry Capps
Phone: 08 9302 1388

certificate of currency requirements

A Certificate of Currency (also abbreviated to a "CofC" or "COC") is a document that certifies that the insurance is current, as stated in the certificate, at the time of issue. An Invoice, whether or not marked "Paid" is not considered a Certificate of Currency. Under no circumstances will an Invoice be accepted as evidence of Insurance.

Mall Managers and our Centres require the following information on a Certificate of Currency:

- Certificate Date: Must be no older than 14 days from date of submission
- Insurer Name: The insurers name, address, ABN and AFSL must be clearly displayed on the certificate. Where the certificate is provided by a Broker, the Insurers name and address must also be clearly displayed. Where the Insurer is located overseas, the Centre has the right to approve or disapprove the insurer (based on their ability to pay potential claims)
- Period of Insurance: The period of insurance must cover your period of booking
- Type of Insurance: Must clearly display "Public and Products Liability"
- Amount of Insurance: A minimum of AUD$20,000,000
- Situation, Location or Address of Risk: Must show "Australia Wide"
- Insured Name: Must match the name on our Agreement exactly
- Interested Parties / Joint Insured: Some Centres may require additional parties be named as having an interest or they must be named as a joint insured. We will endeavour to advise you of this requirement at the time of booking.
- Other: Mall Managers will not accept any Certificate that has exclusions such as limitations on the number of days on display, market stalls only etc. We have no control over any other markets or the like that you attend and therefore cannot ensure the currency of the insurance.

Certificates may be faxed, posted or emailed. If you are requesting a Certificate from your Insurer of Broker, then direct them to this page to ensure your Booking will be maintained.