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comprehensive listing of shopping centres throughout Western Australia gives retailers a wide variety of options when it comes to providing advertising and promotion solutions for expanding a business - from huge areas with mass traffic, to more manageable areas in both metropolitan and regional centres.

Each centre lists any special comments in () brackets, provides a Google Map link to the centre location, a link to the centre's website (if applicable), floor plans in PDF as well as the weekly casual leasing fee (including GST).  Also included is a list of major tenants.  Now you can really start planning!

Tenants (Key)
Metropolitan Perth Shopping Centres
Altone Park  (VOs charges apply) click click pdf $660.00 W,20SS
Armadale Central click click pdf $990.00 W,BW,70SS
Ballajura Central click click pdf $550.00 W,15SS
Ballajura City click   pdf $385.00 I,VE,24SS
Beeliar Shopping Centre (external site) click   pdf $330.00 I, 10SS
Belridge click   pdf $330.00 C,BD,VE,20SS
Bentley Plaza click click pdf $660.00 W,C,BD,RD,44SS
Carine Glades click   pdf $605.00 I,20SS
Centrepoint Midland click click pdf $660.00 W,CC,30+SS
Champion Drive Armadale click   pdf $330.00 C,11SS
Darch Plaza click click pdf $550.00 I,20SS
Dog Swamp click click pdf $770.00 I,FF,25SS
Erskine click   pdf $550.00 C,15SS
Foothills Shopping Centre (Gosnells) click   pdf $440.00 IGA,15SS
Forest Lakes Forum click click pdf $605.00 C,I,50SS
Glendalough Village click   pdf $330.00 I,BD,SS
Greenwood Village click   pdf $715.00  
Halls Head click   pdf $495.00 FJ, SS
Kardinya Park click   pdf $935.00 C,K,22SS
Kelmscott Plaza click   pdf $495.00 W,15SS
Kingsway City  (VOs charges apply) click click pdf $1028.50 W,BW,59SS
Miami Plaza click   pdf $550.00 W,15+SS
Newpark Girrawheen click click pdf $495.00 I,30SS
North Beach Plaza click   pdf $495.00 I,20SS, FJ
Phoenix (Spearwood) click click pdf  $990.00 BW,W,C,70SS
Port Coogee  click   pdf $440.00 W, 11SS
Secret Harbour click click pdf $1100.00 W,20SS
Sorrento Quay Boardwalk click click pdf $990.00 40SS
Southern River click click pdf $550.00 C,12SS
Stargate Atwell click click   $330.00 I,9SS
Stargate Kelmscott click  click pdf $330.00 C,18SS
Stargate Spearwood click click $330.00 I,22SS
Stargate Port Kennedy click click pdf $330.00 I,19SS
Stargate Waikiki Charthouse click click pdf $330.00 I,10SS
Stirling Central click click pdf $550.00 W,T,25+SS
Swan View click click pdf $715.00 C,10SS
Thornlie Square (VOs Apply) click click pdf $550.00 C,I,50SS
Wanneroo Central (VOs Apply) click click pdf $1100.00 C,K,SI,BL,BD,20SS
Waterford Plaza click click pdf $880.00 C,35SS
Woodlake Village click click pdf $440.00 I,SS
Woodvale Boulevard click click pdf $770.00 W,20SS
Woolstores Fremantle click click pdf $660.00 C,RK,O,SL,29SS
Regional Western Australian Shopping Centres
Albany Plaza click click pdf $935.00 C,K,30SS
Busselton Central click click pdf $660.00 I,BL,15SS
Carnarvon Central click click pdf $615.00 W,18SS
Collie Central click click pdf $550.00 W,10SS
Dalyellup Shopping Centre click click pdf $550.00 W, RD, 10 SS
Dunsborough Centrepoint                       click click pdf $615.00 C,20SS
Esperance Boulevard click click pdf $550.00 W,T,20SS
Hannans Boulevard (Kalgoorlie) click   pdf $715.00 C, 16 SS
Kalgoorlie Central click click pdf $550.00 W,RD
Manjimup Shopping Complex click   pdf $330.00 W,7SS
Northam Boulevard click click pdf $715.00 WW, 20SS
South Hedland click click pdf $990.00 C,K,25SS
Port Hedland Boulevard click click pdf $715.00 WW, 20SS

Major Tenants Key
Code Name
BD Bakers Delight
BL Best & Less
BU Bunnings
BW Big W
C Coles
CC Crazy Clarks
FF Fresh Fruit (7 Day)
FJ Farmer Jacks
HC Hoyts Cinema
HN Harvey Norman
K Kmart
PI Progressive IGA
RD Red Dot
RK Rockmans
SL Spendless
SP Spud Shed
SS Specialty Stores
T Target
VE Video Ezy
W Woolworths

All prices include GST
All prices are subject to change without notice
Part week bookings are available for most centres
VOs = Variable Outgoings
PD = Per Day

Floor Plans:
To view the Floor Plans, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader - which can be downloaded for free from here

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