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About Us
Mall Managers WA Pty Ltd is a professional Western Australian company totally committed to the success of its clientele.   The company was formed for the dual purposes of providing a valued booking service to shopping centres for their mall space; and providing display solutions for retailers in Western Australia's shopping centres.

Our People
Jan Korff  Mall Managers Account Director
Jan’s role is to help centres maximise their casual mall leasing potential, and optimise vacant centre space, transferring that problem into a solution. A former centre manager for 11 years, Jan knows the day-to-day challenges that casual mall leasing present, and she’s developed the answers to those problems and more. Jan is a BOMA Management I & II graduate.
Karin Sales
Karin has detailed knowledge of all the Centres in Mall Managers' portfolio and can assist you to plan your bookings to maximise the benefits of Casual Mall Leasing.
Bev Sales 
Bev is an integeral part of the Mall Managers Sales Team and can assist you with all of your bookings and enquiries.  Having previously owned her own business, Bev has an extensvie understanding of small business and customer service.
  Jodi Accounts
's primary role is as Mall Managers bookkeeper, but she also assists with all aspects of the accounts position including allocation of payments and refunds.